Markets Banner

Digital Signgage Markets


  • Worship messaging
  • Display meeting times and events
  • Custom photos and videos
  • RSS or personal messaging


  • Promote products, specials and sales
  • Reduce perceived wait times in lines
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Educate and train customers and employees

Hotels / Hospitality

  • Highlight amenities
  • Showcase local attractions
  • Welcome guests
  • Display maps and directions

Schools / Universities

  • Inform students and teachers about activities
  • Broadcast live notifications to student body
  • Promote programs, awards and accomplishments
  • Showcase maps and way finding information


  • Communicate to employees
  • Promote products,services, accolades
  • Display metrics and productivity
  • Broadcast training

Real Estate

  • Showcase homes that are for sale
  • Provide home details 24 hours a day
  • Display property videos rather than static images
  • Showcase local attractions

Healthcare / Hospitals

  • Communicate and inform visitors
  • Provide waiting room entertainment
  • Promote services
  • Deliver wellness info & advisories


  • Show live community meeting footage
  • Display real-time news and information
  • Broadcast important notifications
  • Showcase maps and way finding information
  • Showcase local attractions