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  • No technical expertise required
  • Remotely update playlists in seconds
  • User-friendly interface and workflow
  • No time consuming rendering required
  • Quick, easy, and hassle-free deployment
  • Built-in and fully customizable templates
  • Add style with rounded corners and shadows
  • Built-in creator, scheduler, and player
  • Supports all major media file types
  • Real-time RSS and Twitter feeds
  • Lifetime license
  • No server required
  • True WYSIWYG editing
  • Built exclusively for the Mac
  • No monthly hosting or content fees

All-in-One Solution: Experience the Power of Media Sign Pro

Media Sign Pro has everything you need to create powerful digital signage in a completely integrated environment. Our Creator, Scheduler, and Player work seamlessly together to provide a simple process from creation to output. No need to manage and learn several applications to build your sign. Now you can point and click your way to powerful digital signage.
Using Media Sign Pro’s user-friendly interface you can tailor your layout to look the way you want or you can choose from one of Media Sign Pro’s professionally designed and fully customizable built-in templates. Bringing your sign to life is only a few clicks away as all popular media file types are supported. Media Sign Pro’s alpha channel (transparency or mask) compatibility will allow you to create signs with seamless video integration with your graphical layout. Tap into multiple live RSS feeds or scroll your own messages and have them stream in real-time simultaneously with your videos, images, news, Twitter feeds, and text.
The screenshot below gives you a glimpse of Media Sign Pro's user-friendly interface.
User Interface
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Easily add the following media to your digital sign:
  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Images
  • Text
  • Date & time
  • Twitter feeds
  • RSS bulletins
  • RSS tickers
  • Web (Beta)
Click here to learn more about the media zones that can be added to your digital sign.

Our digital signage software also includes the ability to update your image and video playlists remotely using the dynamic playlist feature. By using this feature you can update the playlists in your digital sign by adding or removing files from the folders they are located in without disrupting the sign. You can use cloud services such as MobileMe or Dropbox to make the changes from anywhere in the world via a web browser.  

Give your sign a more appealing and elegant look by adding a variety of zone and text features including rounded corners, shadows, and text effects to help stylize your digital signage. You also have the ability to control whether media maintains its aspect ratio or fills up the entire zone area. You can even add captions and transitions to your slideshows to add a special touch to each of your images.
Add ImagesAdd Video
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Media Sign Pro includes the industry’s easiest to use scheduler. The built-in scheduler allows for endless customizability as you can schedule images within slideshows, videos within playlists, and entire projects across the course of a day. Send different messages to your audience during different times of the day without having to make manual changes to your sign. Please refer to our User Guide for more information about the Project Scheduler.


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Launch your digital sign with the click of a mouse without having to go through typical rendering processes that can take hours on other platforms. Because our digital signage software runs on Apple’s Mac OS X operating system, you can keep your sign running 24/7/365 without worrying about critical operating system failures or virus infections.

You can also use Media Sign Pro's built-in System Scheduler to automate the startup and shutdown processes of your Mac. By doing so, you can shut down the Mac at the end of the day, turn it back on in the morning, and auto-launch your digital signage project.

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What customers are saying ..

"I’m writing to let you know how thrilled Boston University’s College of Communication is. As the Director of Technology, I was given the almost impossible task of coming up with a digital signage showcase for our incoming freshman open house. I was given a deadline of less than 48 hours! I found your website, downloaded the free trial and literally created a project in less than a half hour. This project included HD video, student photographs, RSS bulletins and a RSS ticker. At this point we purchased a license and were up and running within minutes. Thank you so much for making a digital signage product that “just works” out of the box."

Brad Fernandes
Director of Technology
College of Communication
Boston University


"I love the power and simplicity of Media Sign Pro. The design interface is extremely user friendly. Literally hundreds of pictures can be loaded into a slideshow (complete with timing and transitions) within seconds. I constructed three different projects within 20 minutes, and I use them all. My director and students were quite impressed with the results. Rarely, even in the Mac domain, does a program provide the range of features, power, and ease of use that Media Sign Pro does. This is a great digital signage solution."

James Brownlow 
Hattiesburg High School


"Media Sign Pro was by far the most simple and economical software solution for our rapidly-growing school district in Texas. This product beats the competition hands down because it provides opportunities for those individuals who may have little or no creative skills to produce award-winning professional projects at a fraction of the cost."

Derik Moore 
Director of Communications
Weatherford Ind. School District


"One of the key features achieved by selecting this product has been performance. Our customers repeatedly comment on how smooth and sharp the signage is. The second key feature was ease of use. We specialize in training and this software is so easy to use that we have been able to scale back our training. The third feature is the price point. It allows us to stay in the niche of the marketplace we are seeking to be in."

Mark Hunsaker 
Audio/Visual Specialist

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