I’m writing to let you know how thrilled Boston University’s College of Communication is.

As the Director of Technology, I was given the almost impossible task of coming up with a digital signage showcase for our incoming freshman open house. I was given a deadline of less than 48 hours! I found your website, downloaded the free trial and literally created a project in less than a half hour. This project included HD video, student photographs, RSS bulletins and a RSS ticker.

At this point we purchased a license and were up and running within minutes. Thank you so much for making a digital signage product that “just works” out of the box.

Brad Fernandes
Director of Technology
College of Communication
Boston University

Media Sign Pro has been a revolutionary product for our company. It's reliable, intuitive, easy to use, and most of all it's a revenue generator! We now have two full HD screens in our airport displaying everything from current municipal community information, relevant weather information, and constantly streaming local news. Advertisers have been fighting to get on our screens at the airport saying that "They are a professional, clean, and sharp looking way to display our business advertising, and represents what we want our business to look like."

I will always be a Media Sign Pro fan!

Eagle Vision Video Productions Ltd.   
Benjamin Haab

Media Sign Pro is the most streamlined digital signage application I have found. The flexibility of the various zones makes the design possibilities practically limitless.  Media Sign Pro has harnessed the power of the Mac platform, making sign design a breeze and also quite fun! As we deploy more signs into our facilities the on board networking capabilities of the Mac will make populating our projects a cinch.

Thanks Media Sign Pro, I am one extremely satisfied user.

Craig Kutteroff 
Director of Worship and Communications
Faith Church

Media Sign Pro was by far the most simple and economical software solution for our rapidly-growing school district in Texas. This product beats the competition hands down because it provides opportunities for those individuals who may have little or no creative skills to produce award-winning professional projects at a fraction of the cost.

Derik Moore
Director of Communications
Weatherford ISD

We did a lot of research into digital signage solutions prior to settling on Media Sign Pro. Settle, however, may not be the right word, chose vehemently might be more correct. We encountered turn-key solutions in the $3k+ price range, that looked worse, had a horrible interface, crashed constantly, and was run on a cheap mini-pc form factor box. All said and done, once we got our hands on Media Sign Pro, the decision was made. The fact we are an Apple centric campus, as we teach multimedia related topics, made the fact that this was a Mac based system that much more of a welcome configuration. With Apple’s new Mac minis with HDMI ports makes this whole system so easy to configure and install. Combine all of this with excellent support, quick responses, regular updates and builds, and you have a wonderful, worry free signage package!

Total Signs: 7

Stephen Tyler
Coordinator of Technical Operations
The Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma

We are using your product at the City of Vero Beach, Florida for our Government Broadcast Television Comcast - Channel 13. Our use is a little different than most other users of your product I would imagine. We use your product to program and broadcast our television station 24 hours a day 7 days a week running community service, educational information along with movies and “live” government meetings. For a project file we run video (H.264) with audio files, split screen with slides, we have an RSS weather feed running above that and a clock with logo bug on the bottom of the screen.  We try to keep the screen simple as the output is viewed on a varied array of hardware from standard 480i cable to digital HDMI from Comcast boxes. Our Mac Mini Server outputs at the 720x480 resolution to a VGA distribution amp which splits the signal to a Dell monitor for local viewing  of the Mac-Mini and a Kramer scan convertor and finally to an AV router. This signal is then sent over fiber optic to our Comcast head end for broadcast. We were looking at other products to accomplish this BUT they ran from $3500.00 to $30,000.00 to produce the same result for under $2000.00. We have been making suggestions to your programmers for small changes that will allow your product to compete with the more expensive offerings in the Broadcast market. They have been very receptive and I am excited to see what new options are coming. Keep up the great work, we love your product.

John Holt Sutherland III
Government Broadcast Coordinator, Web Master
City of Vero Beach 

We had an express need for digital Signage Software but didn't want the hassle of licensing fees, complicated setups, hard to use software, and proprietary hardware that usually comes with it all. So when we found Media Sign Pro we were excited to try it out using a Mac Mini we had laying around. Within a week of using the free trial we purchased Media Sign Pro. We've been using it ever since on the our main 46" Display at the entrance of our building. It's intuitive and user friendly giving a lot of fine grain control over the way we present our content. With the enhanced built in Scheduler we can automate multiple Projects to display on a timeframe that meets the needs of our viewing environment, while also automating sleep and wake cycles of the Mac Mini we use to run it all. Overall using Media Sign Pro has been more cost effective than any alternative we looked at, while at the same time providing more features and ease of use than the competition. 

Ryan Haver
EIHG Information Services
University of Utah

My school currently is undergoing construction and we wanted to do a little something to bring it into the 21st Century.  With Media Sign Pro, we were able to affordably launch digital signage throughout our school.  With some of the automated features, live video, and scrolling marquee, we are able to keep our students informed and up to date.  The interface is easy to use and is very intuitive. Thanks for a great product.

Charlie Mann
Audio/Video Production
Bridgeport High School

We are an Audio-Visual integrator in Southwest Missouri and have been most pleased with the product.  We have purchased several licenses so far and are going to proceed with this product as our primary software for digital signage. 

For our company, one of the key features achieved by selecting this product has been performance. Our customers have repeatedly commented at how smooth and sharp the displays are.  We had previously used software on the Windows platform (and still do for certain special deployments) and had yet to find this level of performance in any of those products (we used products such as Navori, Keywest Technologies, and Dynamic Info Screen).
The second key feature was ease of use…we specialize in training and this software is so easy to use that we have been able to scale back our training. The ability to do fully functional live previews is key here.
The third feature is the price point.  It allows us to stay in the niche of the marketplace we are seeking to be in (especially in our region) so that is critical.

Mark Hunsaker
Avashare - Audio and Video Technology Integration

I love the power and simplicity of Media Sign Pro. The design interface is extremely user friendly, as any Apple software title should be. The background, the video and pictures panels, the Title, Date, and RSS feed bars can all be created with blazing speed. Literally hundreds of pictures can be loaded into a picture panel slideshow (complete with timing and transitions) with a couple of mouse clicks. I constructed three different looks for our digital signage needs in about twenty minutes, and I liked and kept them all. Each design uses about fifty pictures, three videos, an RSS feed, a title and date bar, and a background. I used different pictures, videos, backgrounds, fonts, and RSS feeds for each of the three designs, and my director and the students were quite impressed with the results. Rarely, even in the Mac domain, does a program provide the range of features, power, and ease of use that Media Sign Pro does. This is a great digital signage solution.

James Brownlow 
Hattiesburg High School